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  1. 📰 City Newspaper

    1. News   (27 visits to this link)

  2. 🏥 The Hospital

    1. Staff Applications

      Apply to become a member of the CityRP family.

    2. Verified Support

      Frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems.

    3. Community Support

      Give or receive help openly from other community members.

      • No posts here yet
    4. Rank Request   (29 visits to this link)

      Prove you have what you claim, and you shall receive thy forum rank.

  3. 🏙️ The City

    1. Discussion

      Talk about anything related to our servers.

    2. Suggestions

      Want to see something new? Suggest it here.

    3. Bugs

      Find an issue? Report it here.

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    4. Marketplace

      Trade, sell, or price check your items.

    5. Gangs

      Advertise, recruit, or look for a gang or organization.

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  4. 🏡 The Streets

    1. Introductions

      Introduce yourself to the community.

      • No posts here yet
    2. Chatting

      Talk about whatever you want. Keep it within community guidelines.

      • No posts here yet
    3. Gaming

      Talk about your favorite game or that hottest new release.

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    4. Living

      Talk about touching grass or sports or something.

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  5. 🚔 City Hall

    1. Announcements

      Important things that you need to hear about.

      • No posts here yet
    2. Staff Documents

      Specific read me's and rules and stuff.

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